Is the Christian View True?

Some say its absolute truth and some say its absolutely wrong. What's the reason?

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My Story:            an open mind?

I happily live as a committed Christian and I also strive to keep an open mind in case I'm wrong.

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View Ministry Resources

Free downloads of resources for Christian Ministry.

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Viewing Arnhem Land

Short glimpses of the unique Arnhem Land world that we live in.

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We Are Aboriginal

View Ngukurr's Centenary book - Arnhem Land's first successful refuge for Indigenous Australians.


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Viewing our fascinating world

Seeing the world around us and asking "What's the reason?"

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Welcome to “What’s the Reason?”

What's the reason for this website? It's to share some interesting things about the world and about how people view the world. Being a Christian is an interesting experience. Living in Aboriginal Arnhem Land is another very fascinating experience. Having studied Physics, Computer Science and Theology, I like to look at the world and ask "Why?", "What's the reason?" for the things I see.

Different people view the world in different ways. Having lived in another culture, I feel this very poignantly. I like to wonder about how different people view the world and why. Perhaps if you know my family then you might be interested in this web site. Perhaps, if you just like thinking about "What's the Reason?" for particular things in the world then you may also be interested in this web site.

If you have comments, feedback, corrections or other insights then feel free to hit 'Contact' and let me know.